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Edition IV



Marco CHENVIER's choreographic research crosses and mixes genres by exploring the boundaries between dance and theatre, with a strong attention to language structures and power relations finding a privileged playground for the creation of new aesthetics, dramaturgies and choreographies. He graduated from the International Theater Academy in Rome "Circo a Vapore" and trained at the "Filomarino" school in Rome. For seven years, he was Isaac Alvarez's assistant at the Théâtre du Moulinage in Lussas. He has been invited as a choreographer in many international festivals in countries such as England, France, Bosnia, Cyprus, Italy, India, Spain, Austria, South Korea, Poland etc. He directed the Morg-Ex Machina Festival for 10 years and he now co-directs the T*Danse – Danse & Technologie Festival.

choi jae heon.jpg

Jae-Heon CHOI

Jae-Heon CHOI is the president of the Mousai Dance Company which he created in 2011 after having been a principal dancer of the dance company Samsung. He holds several important positions with the aim of preserving traditional Korean dance. He studied dance at HanSung University before winning many national Korean dance competitions.

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Coming from a family of musicians, Aurore DANIEL began playing the cello at the age of 4 and a half. In parallel with her studies at the CRR in Paris, she opened up to improvisation, to other musical styles and was passionate about the music of Eastern Europe, Gypsy Jazz, French Chanson and more broadly the world music. To complete her musical possibilities, she learned the electric bass in 2018, which opened up new horizons for her. Her playing as a musician has been enriched by very diverse collaborations, which have taken her to stages in all regions, nationally and internationally, from Turkey to Germany, from Morocco to Russia via Croatia. ... Bathed in an artistic mix, she navigates between tours, composition, studio sessions and the musical creation of plays.


Kyoung Shin KIM

Kyoung Shin KIM is the artistic director of Unplugged Bodies and a tenured professor in the dance department of National Gongju University. After working as a dancer for Hopesch Sector and Russell Mullifant, he founded 'Unplugged Bodies Dance Company' in South Korea. In 2019, he created for the MODAFE festival and selected as a new work in 2020 by the Center de Création des Arts du Spectacle. Finally in 2021, as part of the Asian Cultural Foundation program.


Eunhye KU

Eunhye KU, co-choreographer of See-Saw, was a member of the Compagnie Nationale de Danse Contemporaine (Korea) and AlleRetour Dance Company (France). She has experience performing overseas; America, France, Austria, China, Taiwan, Japan, etc., and working with various choreographers around the world. The artist led workshops at Divadlo na cucky (Olomouc, Czech Republic) and at the National Choreographic Center of Caen (France). As a personal work, About Things Left Behind planned by New York 92Y Harkness Dance Center, was presented at Dig Dance and invited to the Hippocompe dance company Theater with How far we could go. Then Gu participated in the residency offered by Divadlo na cucky from the Czech Republic.

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Ji Min LEE

Ji Min LEE studied Korean traditional dance and was a member of several regional dance companies in South Korea. She has been invited to many festivals in several different countries such as China, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, etc. She is a choreographer at Mousai Dance Company.

Sansㅁㄴㅇㄹ titre.jpg

Seiseung LEE

Seiseung LEE currently works as a freelance choreographer, performance director and dance teacher. He majored in choreography at the Korea National University of the Arts and continues to study theory. In 2012, he founded with his colleagues the organization "SangBang", a group that shares contact improvisation with as many people as possible. His choreography is mainly based on research that oscillates between the small history of dance and the great history. He strives to establish a horizontal relationship when collaborating. His major work includes "Han (2020)", a denouement of the delicate movements of Korean dance, "Fire Study (2019)", a response to the group dance format in historical modern dance, and "Three Drums Dance (2019) ), ” a performance on dance copyright issues.

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Sun-Hoo YOO

Sun-Hoo YOO, a Korean dancer and choreographer, maintains the traditional beauty of Korean dance and creates works at a new level by combining with various art genres such as video, music and fine art which differentiates works from korean dance works existing. She has made continuous efforts to promote Korean dance around the world. She successfully performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 and received 5 stars, attracting worldwide attention. Following the official invitation from Paris and La Rochelle in France, her works were selected for the Edinburgh season in Korea, in 2020, and were also invited to the Assembly in the United Kingdom, which brought her to actively perform abroadTheatre.

Edition III

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Jae-Hyun AN

Jae-Hyun AN is a Korean traditional dancer and choreographer. Thanks to her dance training, she evolved between traditional dance and modern dance. These two inspirations can be found in my work. From 1991 to the present, she has performed not only foreign dances but also traditional Korean dances. She established a performing arts association in France to actively represent Korean traditional dance and carry out various creative activities, and also organized a dance festival for international dance exchanges. She also teaches traditional Korean dance in Europe. In Korea, She trained many professional dancers.


Bo Kyung LEE

Bo Kyung LEE is a choreographer, dancer and artistic director of the BK Dance Project. She received her doctorate from the Department of Live Dance and Performing Arts at Hanyang University in South Korea. She received the 1st prize at the Korea Contemporary Dance Competition and the Presidential Prize at the 7th Nagano International Performance Competition. She also received the 1st Solo Prize at the International Contemporary Dance Competition in Mexico City and the Dance Performance Prize from Korean Critics. She has presented her works through various renowned festivals in Chicago, DC, New York, Seattle, Fukuoka, Seoul, Bulgaria etc. Other performances are planned at the Martha Graham Theater in New York, in Pilsen and Brno in the Czech Republic.

Sans dtitre.png


A graduate in choreography from Seoul National K-Arts University, Sun-A LEE won the 2007 French Embassy prize at the Yokohama Dance Collection festival competition. In 2010, she created her solo at the CCN in Caen, which toured fifteen countries in Europe and Asia. In 2007 and 2011, she won the Masdanza festival (Spain). It was also in 2013 that she created the solo at the Dansstationen in Malmö. She dances with Pansun Kim in , a digital visual arts work by Urbanscreen, screened at the Busan International Film Festival. As a performer, she marked the creation by Luc Petton. In 2016, she laid the foundations for at the French Film Festival in Jeju, South Korea.


Seungkwan YANG

Seungkwan YANG works diligently and steadily, focusing on convergence with various genres. In particular, Yang is interested in creating works with acting elements, wanting to use them in the creative process.

Edition II


Sungyoung KIM

Sunyoung KIM, founder of the dance company DANDANs Artgroup and teacher in the dance department of the Seoul Institute of the Arts. Kim Sunyoung earned an MFA from Korea National University of Art. She devoted herself to Korean traditional dance and now creates contemporary dance works based on the elements and feeling of Korean traditional dance. Through the traditional, she returns to the past from the present moment. The artist seeks to find the Korean beauty of the neighborhood and to express it again in the contemporary. BOTTARI:Movement 3 is one of his mass-produced pieces aimed at expressing the original feeling of Koreans.


Jubin KIM

Artist Jubin KIM is the artistic director of the JUBIN company. He has invested in traditional Korean dance, his works carry the value of traditional Korean art in contemporaneity. The artist won the ACT-BAD award at the ACT festival in Spain. Her pieces have been performed internationally and nationally, including New York 92Y Harkness Dance Center, LA Dance Festival (online), Bulgarian Night Plovdiv and more.


Cheol-In JEONG

Cheol-In JEONG founded Melancholy Dance Company in 2016 by Cheol-In Jeong. The word Melancholy means both depressed and dreamlike (like a fantasy) mood; and it also represents prominent artists. With the name "Melancholy Dance Company", Cheol-In Jeong wants the dancers to be remembered as artists and to take another step towards becoming outstanding artists. Melancholy sees the world we live in as art, draws inspiration from it and creates works. Melancholy Dance Company strives to create work that audiences can relate to and think about. With dynamic and sophisticated movements, Melancholy Dance Company tries to create the exhilaration and wonder that makes us imagine reality using a variety of expressions that feature stacked images and movements.


Unplugged Bodies

Unplugged Bodies is a dance troupe founded in 2014 by choreographer Kyoung Shin KIM and has been engaged in official activities as a company since 2014. Kim Kyoung Shin having been in London since 2005, has participated in performances of projects by Freddie Opoku-Addaie , Dance Exchange (Birmingham) and Rashpal Singh Basal, as well as the international dance troupe Hofeschter and the National Dance Company of Wales in 2006. Before returning to his home country in 2010, he actively collaborated from 2007 with the Russell Maliphant Company whose activities included a collaboration with Isaac Julien, both installation artist and international filmmaker.

Edition I


Delphine DEMONT

Trained in classical dance since childhood, Delphine discovered contemporary dance when she arrived in Paris in a literary preparatory class. For a few years, she combined her studies with an in-depth practice of dance. After obtaining a DEA in Modern Letters (Paris IV-Sorbonne), she trained in Laban notation at the CNSMDP, from where she graduated in 2006. Her career is punctuated by artistic and human encounters: S. Rochon, W Piollet, C. Kono and D. Kraniotis. Since 2005, she has been choreographing professional and amateur pieces for the Acajou company, leading workshops for disabled audiences and designing appropriate educational tools. At the same time, she pursues a career as a performer in contemporary and baroque dance with the collective “I’am a bird now”.

jun et pyo.jpg

Heung-ryeol JUN 
& Sang-man PYO

Heung-ryeol JUN studied at the National Sports University and graduated from the school of arts. He was a member of the Dance Theater Ccadoo. He received the best choreography award at Seoul Dance Collection unanimously in 2014. His work includes 'Sum (breathing)', 'After Image', 'Jimmy and Jack', 'Aerobic' etc... - After studying dance at the Korea National Sports University, Sang-man PYO won the "National Rookie Dance Competition", the Post Junior Award of the 21st "Dance Art Award", the "Dokkaebi Award" at the Mime Festival of Chun-cheon in 2014 and the Grand Prize at the Seoul International Choreography Festival in 2016. He was a dancer with the National Dance Theater of Korea from 2011 to 2013.

Marco Chenevier

Jae-Woo JUNG

Artistic director of Braveman, Jae Woo Jung is known for his choreography which features vigorous, spirited movements. Her work is presented in festivals around the world such as the New York 92Y Harkness Dance Center Dig dance Series, Israel Suzanne Dellal Korea Festival, Czech Republic ProArt Festival, Hungary Monotanc Festival, Bulgaria Water festival for contemporary arts, Seoul International Dance Festival ( SIDance), Seoul International Choreography festival (SCF), Modern Dance Festival Seoul (MODAFE) etc... He collaborates with the internationally recognized Seoul-based Bereishit Dance Company.


Suk-soon JUNG

Artistic director and choreographer of Project S, is the director of Alias ​​Contemporary Dance at Tanzkompanie Theater St. He has worked with many leading artists and organizations around the world, including Galen . Project S has performed at various international festivals including Ramama Moves, New York, Seoul International Festival, MODAFE (Modern Dance Festival Korea), Korea A Moves and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He is currently working as an assistant professor at the College of Arts at Hansung University. She has won numerous awards, including the Dance Forum Best Choreographer Award, the 20th Critics' Choice Dance Festival, the 'Mom' Magazine Dance Acting Award, the 21st Dance Art Award and the '2005 Donga' Grand Prize. At the 41st Seoul Dance Festival in 2020. He choreographed and produced 'Challengers 2.0' and won the Grand Prize, Choreography Prize and Best Dance Award, and was honored with three crowns.

Directeur du « Dance Traveler », reconnu au niveau international, il a eu un grand succès dans nombreux festivals dont ProArt Festival Brno, West Fest Dance Festival New York, Dig Dance Performance Series at 92Y New York, Shanghai International Contemporary Dance Festival Dance Stages, MODAFE, Open Stage at New York Cultural Center, Korea Dance Awakening... Il a été sélectionné en tant qu’artiste en résidence à Seoul Arts Center et Austria Linz Redsapata Tanzfabrik. Il est diplômé de l’Université Chung-ang et a obtenu son master de danse à l’Université de Kyonggi. Il a gagné le prix ‘Best Act Award’ au 29ème Seoul Dance Festival en 2008.

Jae woo Jung

Buyng-Gyu KIM

Byung gyu Kim a obtenu sa maîtrise en interprétation à l'Université nationale des arts de Corée en 2012. Il est membre de la Jacob Dance Company à Los Angeles, Californie et a été le directeur artistique du M.C.D.C - Contemporary Dance Group à Séoul de 2009 à 2018 Il a reçu de nombreux prix tels que Seoul Dance Collection Award 2015, New Artist of the Year (2013 et 2014) par Daegu Culture Foundation, Silver Prize & Actor Award au Busan National Dance Festival en 2008. Il a eu le 4ème prix au 'Akita Concours au Japon en 2008. Il a produit plus de 12 créations et s'est produit dans plus de 15 pays à travers le monde. Plusieurs de ses créations ont été sélectionnées dans de nombreux festivals.

Young-hoon OH


Juliette SERRAD

Juliette SERRAD discovers music at the Conservatory of Chalon-sur-Saône where she begins the cello with Yvan Marcovitch, then the piano and jazz singing a few years later. Subsequently, she deepened her cello studies at the Pôle Supérieur Paris-Boulogne-Billancourt and began to compose in various styles. She produced “Petit Animal Sauvage”, an album of French songs accompanied by the cello or even composed an “Electroaquatic Suite” for solo cello and multi-effects. Today, Juliette participates in many projects, both on cello and vocals, and collaborates with artists from all walks of life such as Yael Naim, Zaza Fournier, Ibrahim Maalouf, LAAKE, Ellinoa or Alice on the roof.


Puluem YOON

Artistic director of the "Youn Puluem Project Group", she learned traditional dance from a very young age and obtained her license at Hansung University and her master's degree at the National University of the Arts of Korea. As a choreographer, she has received several awards such as the Grand Prix at the Seoul International Choreography Festival in 2011, 1st prize at the "Modern Dance Promotion of Korea" etc... Her company "Youn Puluem Project Group" has been invited to several festivals around the world such as 'Pan-Asian Dance 2017', Shanghai International Contemporary Dance Festival's 'D Dance Stages', 'West Dance Fest', 'Korea Dance Awakening', 'Russia Korean Express' etc... His work of research questions the beauty of space and the human relationship. Instead of direct representation, his visions and contemplations are presented figuratively on stage.

Byung Gyu Kim
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