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Festival SOUM

SOUM International Dance Festival is organized by the S.O.U.M. association in partnership with Korea Dance Abroad to present to European audiences various talented Korean and European choreographers through an artistic residency and performances each year. At the end of the festival, a selection of creations will be presented in Korea.

Our goals

* Promote Korean dancers / choreographers on a European scale

* Create exchanges and meetings between Korean and French dancers

* Support Franco-Korean dancers to develop their creations through the residency

* Present to the French public and the Korean public the different styles of choreographies from these 2 countries and the results of their collaboration.


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S.O.U.M. Association

“Spectacle Of Unlimited Movements”

Created with the aim of making known the talented Korean and French choreographers and dancers, the association organizes events (shows, conferences, debates, tours, etc.) in order to create meetings and exchanges between these artists.

Korea Dance Abroad

Korea Dance Abroad is a non-profit organization founded by Sin Ae PARK, that aims to support Korean dance artists while introducing them to international audiences. KDA has been presenting unique and outstanding dances across the world since 2014. KDA's to promote Korean dance are also enhanced through collaboration programs and cultural exchange activities.

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