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3. 프로필 사진 ⓒ Kyu-yeol Lee_Sun-A LEE.jpg

Opening Ceremony

October 25, 2021 at 7 p.m.

Centre Culturel Coéen

20, Rue La Boétie

75008 Paris


- Welcome speech by Mr. John and Mr. Tosini followed by interviews with the choreographers

- Sun-A LEE Show

« Improvisation on Chim-Hyang-Mou » **

- Preview of the 2 streaming performances: “Ubermensch” by Melancholy Dance Company and “Saedarim” by Jubin Company.



** « Improvisation on Chim-Hyang-Mou »

Life is like a fistful of smoke. Coming into the world, it lights up, then burns brightly, gradually loses its light and so gently disappears ...

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