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Homo Lupiens

October 26, 2021

Online distribution

Compagny : Unplugged Bodies

Chorégraphy : Kyoung Shin Kim

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Homo Lupiens follows what happens after the story of Homo Faber. Homo Faber is a dance about various tools created by human desires. The story culminates with the invention of the war machines, and closes with a hint at humans’ creation of artificial intelligence (AI). The prediction becomes reality in Homo Lupiens. With the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the world is witnessing the emergence of various outcomes of AI and robotics research. Predictions have been made regarding new research possibilities in the future, which opened up ways to view humans and their occupations from different perspectives. Ironically, as robots increasingly replace humans at workplaces, humans are required to transform themselves just to survive. Homo ludens. Human the player, or the human who plays.


*<Homo Lupiens> is scheduled to be premier at the ACC in November 2021.

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